Services Offered:
Credentialing & Re Credentialing 1) Credentialing & re credentialing for all Insurances
2) upadate every three months
Eligibility 1) Check prior eligibility for all scheduled patients
2) Upadate Demographics Detail for all patient.
3) Provide missing Demographic detail for patients.
Gateway Rejection 1) Review the clearing house rejection log and resubmit.
2) Inform Doctor office of any missing/required information.
Charge Entry Create the charges and submit them.
Payment Posting-ERA/EOB/EFT 1) Post ERAs.If it is auto post by doctor system than,we review all ERAs and post it.
2) REceive scanned EOBs from doctor office and post it.
Payment posting - patient checks / co-pays / Deductibles 1) office staff to send the copies of any payment received from patient in our office or our mail.also provide list of credit card transactions.
2) Post the patient checks,Co-pay/Deductible.
Secondary claim submission send secondary claims once a month to respected client office.
A/R Rejection & follow up 1) Work on daily denials from ERAs & EOBs.
2) work on 60,90,120 &180+ aging
3) send any appeal request if required
Reporting 1) Send weekly or daily report to show the charges entered,payments received.
2) Send Monthly A/R report.Mark the payments pending from insurance.
3) Daily Denial Report every Month.

Additional Services
Prior Authorization Take Prior Authorization for specific Medical Procedures,MRI,CT Scan or Diagnostic Radiology
Medical Home and Meaningful Use Provide complete guidance for Medical home through NCQA.
Prescription Authorization Take Authorization for specific Medical Procedures,MRI,CT Scan,Diagnostic Radiology, or therapy services.
Medical Records Management Send or recieve Medical Records as per Doctor office requirement.
PQRS Reporting We guide Doctor office for accurate PQRS reporting for incentive and help them from paying penalty.
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