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Security & HIPAA

In an effort to maintain the utmost Security and Protection of your medical records, MediTranscribe has taken the following steps to ensure Privacy and HIPAA compliance.

File Encryption:

All audio and Text files are protected by 128 bit encrypted through. All use of the application is forced to occur using this secure, HTTPS protocol (SSL - secure socket layer) with 128-bit encryption strength. Attempts to access the application without SSL are redirected. The Complete claims process is carried out on your PMS or our PMS with care being taken to ensure complete encryption of the data being processed.

Passwords and Usernames:

To access any data in the MediTranscribe system, a valid username and password is required. All data is routed through our central data center to ensure privacy, integrity, and reliability.

Audit Trails:

Each process is monitored electronically by our audit trail team. Each time any data is accessed through our servers the event is recorded as an event log (IP address, user id, date, time, elapsed time of event).

Additional Security:

MediTranscribe has set for itself the highest standards of security, in order to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Our security systems and procedures have been reviewed by reputed international audit firms.

The following are some of the measures we have undertaken:

  • All patient related information is securely transmitted on the Internet using 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Remote users can access our local servers only via virtual private network connections.
  • Only authorized personnel can perform data transfer functions.
  • Security audit procedures are well documented and are conducted periodically.
  • Our networks are protected with firewalls.
  • Symantec antivirus software has been installed on all the computer systems. The software has also been enabled to automatically update for new virus definitions.
  • All external drives such as Floppy disk drives and USB ports have been disabled on all computer systems. In addition, no systems on our site can use Bluetooth, Infrared, or wireless Internet access.
  • Data is backed up periodically and stored in a secure offsite location to ensure no data is lost due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Smoke alarms and fire extinguishing equipment are deployed throughout the premises for greater security.
  • Internet access to all personnel is regulated by firewalls and only specific reference sites are available on a need basis.
  • Access to the work area is restricted and only personnel with appropriate clearance are allowed entry.
  • Round the clock surveillance is maintained by security guards to ensure safety of the infrastructure and assets.
  • Closed Circuit TVs have been installed throughout the premises and are monitored continuously.
  • All personnel have their own specific password to log on to their respective systems.
  • Periodic change of passwords is mandatory.
  • User level authentication is required for accessing the data on the servers.
  • All employees are required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
  • Backup data is maintained in a secure, restricted area, with access available only to a few authorized personnel.
  • Security awareness training is provided to all personnel on an ongoing basis.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • Data backup and restoration procedures have been documented.
  • Tests are periodically conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the existing disaster recovery plans.
Non-Disclosure Agreements:

All MediTranscribe's employees sign our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement. Further, each employee is equipped with our HIPAA procedures manual.

Limited Access Capabilities:

MediTranscribe's Transcriptionists have no ability to view or save documents other than on our secure, audited server. No MediTranscribe's work stations have floppy disk drives or CD burners. Our fire wall blocks access to any internet site other than select medical terminology sites.

IP Addresses & File Tracking:

MediTranscribe limits which IP addresses can login to the system and view files. Administrators are also trained to audit the transcription process to insure that your records are always secure.

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