Our Typical Customers

At MediTranscribe, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers’ needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at +1-307-529-0068

  • I. What size facilities can MediTranscribe support?

    MediTranscribe provides medical transcription services to a wide range of practices and organizations, from single physician offices and small clinics through physician groups and large hospitals. There is no minimum number of doctors required to sign up for MediTranscribe service. Our service also scales well for large organizations.

  • II. What is the typical MediTranscribe user profile?

    Physicians of all types use MediTranscribe services, but examples include Cardiologists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Surgeons, Chiropractors, and Pathologists.

  • III. Can MediTranscribe provide partial medical transcription support?

    Yes. In fact, we encourage any physician group or facility to consider using MediTranscribe as a back up to an existing service or for overflow activity resulting from vacation, illness, or shortage of staff. Ours is an excellent solution to balance your staffing needs. Of course, we can also provide a full medical transcription solution; the choice is yours.

Getting Started

  • I. How do I sign up?

    Contact MediTranscribe, Sales, via email or phone +1-307-529-0068

  • II. How do I initiate activation of a new account?

    A customer's activation is put in process by contacting MediTranscribe at +1-307-529-0068.

  • III. Is there a contract?

    Yes. This is typical in the industry and is used for staffing purposes. MediTranscribe is committed to ensuring that we have the qualified resources to support our clients' transcription needs.

  • IV. How long does it take to get started?

    MediTranscribe services usually can be implemented within 48 hours of the time the client activation form is completed and faxed to us.

  • V. Is there a trial period for MediTranscribe?

    A customer may try the MediTranscribe service for 45 days and pay only for the number of lines transcribed. Throughout this period, a client can cancel MediTranscribe service if MediTranscribe does not meet the customer's expectations.

  • VI. What does the standard package include?

    The standard package includes a new digital recorder with memory card, and a card reader. It also includes MediTranscribe software, hard copy documentation, templates, software installation and support.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

  • I. What kind of hardware and software is needed?

    The MediTranscribe software must reside on a personal computer (PC), provided by the client. MediTranscribe requires the following minimum software and hardware configuration:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, or Windows 2000.

    • RAM: Minimum 512 MB.

    • Hard drive space: Minimum 20 MB (1 GB recommended).

    • Broadband Internet Connectivity.

    • USB Port.

    • Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, with 128 bit encryption.

    • Microsoft Word.

  • II. What hardware does MediTranscribe provide?

    If using a digital recorder for input, the standard package includes a new Olympus DS-2000 digital recorder with a 16 MB memory card that holds up to 5 hours of recording. We also include a card reader device with a USB connection.

    If using a telephone call in system, MediTranscribe provides the necessary phone in devices that interface with the MediTranscribe ' server environment.


  • I. What kinds of input devices are supported for dictation?

    The MediTranscribe medical transcription solution supports digital recorder and telephone dictation. It supports the iPac PDA. It also supports dictation using a microphone, directly into your PC. The digital recorder provided in our standard package, for clients who choose a recording device rather than a telephone, is the Olympus DS-2000, the Olympus DS-2330, or the Olympus DS-3000 Digital Voice Recorder. Other Olympus recorders are also compatible.

  • II. How do I submit my dictations?

    There are multiple methods to submit your dictations to suite you according to your needs. Dictations recorded by a hand-held recorder (in fact any recorder) can be uploaded to our secure server through the log-in ID and Password provided to you from any PC where there is a internet connection available. One other method is of dictations via toll free line where you can call 24 x 7 and record your dictation from anywhere into our server.

  • III. Are custom voice menus offered for telephone dictation?

    Yes, Voice menus are customized for each facility and for each physician.

  • IV. Is an 800 number used for telephone dictation?

    Yes. Your calls to our secure number are completely free.

  • V. Can multiple physicians share a digital Olympus device for Dictation?

    Yes, multiple physicians can share a single device. MediTranscribe, however, generally recommends using different smart card (memory cards) for each physician to better keep track of voice files.

Medical Transcription Reports

  • I. How does the process work?

    After your dictations are received by us, they are then allocated to a particular set of MTs based on your specialty and your estimated dictation load who will work regularly on your dictations. Once the MT process is complete, these documents go through a QA for ensuring no errors are there in the prepared documents. After the QA process is complete, the documents go through an audit process whereby randomly documents are picked from the pool and proof read by Proofers for ensuring the best reaches you.

  • II. How do I receive my transcriptions?

    The standard format we offer is Microsoft Word Document format but can also handle other formats as per the client’s requirement. You can of course receive your transcripts via E-mail on the Internet, but apart from that, you can ask for a fax copy or a direct printout. When you sign up, you are given a log-in ID and Password that allows you to access your transcriptions on our web site, You can then view and print your transcriptions online or download them to your computer.

  • III. What format are the transcribed files?

    Reports are returned in Microsoft Word format files, making them editable and searchable.

  • IV. If there is a problem with the report, who fixes it?

    If there is a problem with the accuracy of a report, clients can choose to have us fix it. Since reports are in a standard format, they are editable and some clients choose to modify reports themselves.

  • V. Can MediTranscribe files integrate with EMR programs?

    Yes. MediTranscribe files integrate with EMR programs that accept an HL7 file or can import a MS-Word file.

  • VI. Can you use my normals?

    Yes, as per the instructions provided in advance.

  • VII. How do I open the transcriptions I download?

    As stated, the transcripts are returned in MS Word format or any other format you would like. Once downloaded the documents, you just need to double click on them and open them to review the documents.


  • I. How does MediTranscribe ensure accurate reports?

    This is covered more fully on our quality service page( We take the time to understand what is important to each of our customers and have a companywide commitment to delivering highly accurate medical transcription documents. We have strict requirements for medical transcriptionists and editors. We have a multi-level quality assurance process. We understand that when we deliver accurate reports, you spend less time on them and can get on with your business.

  • II. Are medical transcriptionists assigned to specific accounts?

    Yes. We have found that familiarity improves translation quality.

  • III. Who does the quality reviews?

    Our quality assurance editors are all MediTranscribe employees. The review process is never sub-contracted out. More importantly, our editors are also consistently evaluated by our Quality Assurance Program Director to ensure that quality remains high at all levels of our multi-level process. We use a rubric largely developed by the AAMT/AHDI, a national board with clear standards, to guarantee that our quality never becomes a subjective estimation.

  • IV. What is the multi-level review process?

    A medical transcription document goes through up to three levels of review. If a report is found to have errors, they are corrected and a second review occurs. If a report is found to still have errors or contains anything the second level editor is uncomfortable with, then it must go to the level three review process. Only after being approved by the level three reviewers will the report be made available for delivery.

    Our Quality Assurance Program Director also takes a 10% sample of documents for a client on a weekly basis to assess quality for everyone involved in the quality process. These reports enable us to quickly address and correct any problems with accuracy at every level of our review process. We take quality assurance very seriously, and here at MediTranscribe, we are proud to lead the transcription industry with our quality control process.

  • V. How is accuracy measured?

    A precise set of client approved guidelines is specified in the contract. There is a sliding scale with penalties set per error; more severe errors receive greater penalties. Error severity values follow the AAMT/AHDI guidelines. The length of the document is factored in, but the effect is that a very minimal number of errors disqualify a report from achieving the required 98% accuracy.

  • VI. Who determines if a medical transcription is sufficiently accurate?

    Of course the client. If you are not satisfied, regardless of the metric accuracy, then we are not satisfied and we will correct the problem.

  • VII. What factors can limit the ability to deliver error free reports?

    While we always strive to deliver a fully accurate transcription, there are factors that make it difficult for any transcriptionist to get the report 100% accurate. The quality of the output (report) is limited by the quality of the input (dictation). This is why we recommend the Olympus Digital Recorder, which has excellent sound quality. Phone dictations can be problematic if mobile (cell) phones are used. Dictations that are too rapid or have a strong accent can also pose difficulties.

Transcription Turnaround

  • I. What is the standard turnaround?

    The MediTranscribe medical transcription service generally delivers overnight turnaround, with twenty four (24) hour turnaround guaranteed.

  • II. Is STAT turnaround offered?

    No, we currently do not offer STAT service.

  • III. What turnaround times do you offer?

    We offer a host of turnaround times to match your requirements ranging from 2 hours to 48 hours as we work 24 x 7 x 365

  • IV. What if I dictate over the weekend?

    Dictations received on weekends will be returned on the next work day and in case any urgent reports are required they can be furnished as per the requirement, but will be charge differently.

  • V. Do you provide auto-fax services?

    Yes, we offer the fax services, at an additional charge. Fax can be sent to physicians whose fax numbers are made available by the client and even we can automatically fax to the attending or cc physicians as per the instructions of the client.


  • I. What are the MediTranscribe pricing options?

    The MediTranscribe medical transcription service offers the traditional pricing option of cost per line.

  • II. What is the advantage of per-line pricing?

    Familiarity. This is the traditional way of paying for medical transcription. It is most appropriate for customers who use the MediTranscribe medical transcription service to handle in-house transcription overflow or to augment another service.

  • III. Do you charge for electronic signatures?


  • IV. What is the definition of a MediTranscribe line?

    A line is defined as 65 characters, including spaces and special characters.

  • V. Why is it difficult to compare per-line pricing methods?

    Historically there have been many definitions of lines. Lines can be visible lines or can consist of some number of characters. A given amount of text occupies a varying number of lines when the text font size is changed or when the page's margins change. There is no standard number of characters per line. There are also various ways of counting characters, with some characters being counted twice to reflect formatting (boldface, italics, etc.)

    Sound confusing? It is, and that is why it is important to understand what is actually being counted and make sure that comparisons are counted the same way.

  • VI. Why is it difficult to compare other pricing methods?

    Less popular pricing methods that we do not offer include per page, per report, and minutes of dictation. The per page and per report pricing methods suffer from the variability introduced when text font size is changed and when margin sizes are changed. The minutes of dictation method is also imprecise because different individuals dictate at different rates. A rapid speaker would cram more dictation into fewer minutes, but report accuracy could suffer as a result.

  • VII. Does MediTranscribe support and follow the MTIA billing principles?


  • VIII. Is the line counting software used by MediTranscribe available to clients?

    Yes. For further information, please contact sales.

  • IX. Is there a setup fee?

    Yes, there is a nominal one time charge.

  • X. What is meant by fully loaded costs when comparing in-house transcription to outsourced medical transcription?

    Fully loaded costs refer to total expenses, including both direct and indirect costs.

    • Salaries, benefits, taxes (federal, FICA, unemployment, etc.), and workers compensation insurance

    • Ongoing training.

    • Management and administrative costs.

    • Human resources for recruiting and handling turnover.

    • Office space, utilities.

    • Equipment and software, including acquisition, upgrades, depreciation, and maintenance.

    • Technical support.

    Some of these are typically overlooked when calculating the true cost of in-house transcriptionists. Comparing to these true costs generally makes a strong case for outsourcing medical transcription with cost savings typically estimated to be in the 20-40% range.

HIPAA Compliance

  • I. Is MediTranscribe HIPAA compliant?

    MediTranscribe meets all HIPAA privacy and security requirements. File transmission uses 128 bit triple-DES encryption over an SSL connection. Every modification and access of the report is tracked.

  • II. How can I be sure of Internet security issues?

    We use the Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL) encryption for data transfer between your computer and our web site and this means that nobody can “listen in” on the conversation between those computers. This is the same level of security that large E-Commerce and banking sites use.

  • III. What is a Business Associate Agreement?

    A medical transcription service provider such as MediTranscribe is a Business Associate (BA) of its clients. Our client, the healthcare organization, is called a Covered Entity (CE). The Business Associate Agreement is a contract specifying, amongst other things, the privacy requirements that a BA must meet. Naturally, the BA must ensure that all sub-contractors and employees abide by the agreement.

  • IV. Why should I care about HIPAA?

    Assuming you represent a healthcare organization that handles anything electronically, even one bill, you have no choice. It's required by law. Having said that, the general concept of preserving patient privacy and ensuring the secure retention of records is undoubtedly the right thing to do. The movement to electronic records that HIPAA strives to encourage and protect offers other benefits as well. These include making it easier for physicians to access patient information and making it easier to track activities for insurance and litigation purposes.

File Archive

  • I. How long are files stored?

    Voice dictation files are stored for 30 days. Transcribed files are available and stored on-line for two years and are stored off-line for an additional eight years.

  • II. How are archived files accessed?

    On-line transcribed files are accessed using the standard MediTranscribe software. Off-line, archived files can be requested by contacting customer support.

Customer Support

  • I. Can I get help getting started?

    Absolutely. Although we have designed our process to be intuitive, we understand that sometimes there are a few surprises and we're here to ensure a smooth transition. We can help with installation and training. We can also help if you have any difficulties setting up your digital recorder. We are a service oriented organization and we want our medical transcription service to be extremely easy and trouble free for our clients.

  • II. What does the MediTranscribe Customer Support staff do?

    Our friendly, service-oriented professionals are there to assist you with account activation, software installation, and technical and support questions. We understand that sending and retrieving transcribed reports is critical to daily operations, and are there to help quickly resolve any technical and functional issues that may arise.

Free Trial

  • I. What if I want to test your services?

    You are most welcome; please click on the free trial banner anywhere in the left hand side of the website and provide required information. It is our company policy that we will typically respond you within Half an Hour during Business Hours.

  • II. How do I sign up?

    Call +1-307-529-0068 and we’ll have you dictating in minutes or just fill in the details on the link below and we will call you at a convenient time to you. For further queries and questions, please feel free to call us at +1-307-529-0068 or email to

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