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Founded in 2000, MediTranscribe began as a general administrative support company. Over the past 16 years we have been hard at work providing a variety of text-related services to clients nationwide and overseas. While we have evolved primarily into Transcription Services, we still do a significant amount of editing, proofreading, and document preparation as well. Originally staffed by scribers & writers, our current group of talented full time transcriptionists still represent our creative roots. We continue to toil away in our offices in Wyoming delivering World-Class Advantage, contributing for the betterment of a number of hospitals and improve physician practices.

With today's ever-increasing pressure to do more with fewer dollars and resources, hospitals and physician practices are being challenged like never before. MediTranscribe has a vision, approach, and perspective on how hospitals and physician practices operate by looking beyond traditional boundaries to solve these challenges using technology.

Building on the success of other industries that look to the global stage for business services, we developed a similar service model for healthcare business solutions addressing such back office processes as medical transcription and receivables management.

As a result, more and more hospitals and physician practices are turning to MediTranscribe for what we call our "World-Class Advantage" — in which we apply technology and global resources to deliver efficiencies, substantial cost savings, and quality through medical transcription services, medical billing services. The aim is to reduce your administrative burden so you can concentrate on delivering quality patient care.

Since 2000, our World-Class Advantage has made MediTranscribe one of the leaders in the healthcare services industry, earning us the trust of health systems, hospitals, clinics, and physician practices who utilize our medical transcription, billing services.

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